VDPAU + XINE : Microflickering on Football Matches ( not american Football ) .

Watching football (european football or Soccer ) on DVB-S with latest xine-lib and vdpau , i noticed , there is some flickering , when the Ball is moving on the Air . I have a nvidia card ( Geforce 210 1 GB DDR3 and used alle the drivers on kernel-3.2 and 3.5 on Intel duo Core 2,9 GHZ and 2 GB RAM ) but this Problem still exists .

What kind of flickering?
What are your deint settings?
Do you have a sample?

using vdpau Temporal with xine-lib and VDR , the broadcaster from JSC+ Sport schowing line soccerfields corruption very time when the camera is moving right or left . I sent a sample to ftp nvidia .

This ftp is write-only. Can you upload it somewhere else and past the url?

Someone has reported the same Problem on the old forum :


I think , if somebody can receive the stream through DVB with xine and vdr , he could notice the Problem .
The Half_temporal could correct a littel Bit the corruption but Temporal not .

hier something reported : http://linuxtv.org/pipermail/vdr/2012-January/025704.html

It seems i’ve already replied to this on nvnews, then :)
I can no more get this channel, but i guess you are seeing the same stream bug.
I do see this on some french terrestrial channels where some frames are flagged as Bottom Field First while it’s really TFF. I’m thinking about adding a “default field order” option to xine.

Thank You for your answer and effort .
Yes some french channel like “ma chaine Sport HD” shows in The past some video corruption with vdpau temporal . I know that is a xine related Problem .

That’s neither a xine or vdpau bug.
But it’s possible to make xine to not trust the stream’s false information, and instead rely on a user supplied option value.

I have added the corrupted stream , if you want to analyze .
Thank you