Vehicle asset , wrong in Maya - simulation not recorded

Hi! I’m trying out the vehicle wizard.
Two questions:

  1. Why does the sample rig look like this when reading the usd in maya?
    The matrices seem to do funky things.

  1. When running the sim, I try to enable the “Update to USD” in the Physics settings, but the resulting simulation doesn’t seem to get stored in the usd? Nothing happens when moving through the timeline , even though “Reset Simulation on stop” is off, and looping is turned off in the playback controls.
    Of course I can see the USD sync in Maya, but how do I cook the sim to be able to play it back?

I also get the following messages in the console:

2021-01-03 14:13:43 [Error] [omni.client.plugin] Main: usd_plugin: OmniUsdLayerState::_FinalizeUpdate(url=omniverse://localhost/Projects/Testbilen_v001.usd, version=26510) there are pending deltas!


  1. For the funky lines, can you upload your .usd here for me to check in Maya?
  2. Our plugin does not support cooking in Maya yet.
  1. Absolutely, will when I’m back at machine.
  2. How do I cook in Create/Kit and store the result into the USD?


Can’t talk about the Maya plugin side of things but with respect to Create: the simulation results are not stored as a time series. Disabling “Reset Simulation on stop” just makes sure that when you press stop, the most recent simulation transforms are preserved (and those should be written to USD if “Update to USD” is enabled).

Hi! Noted. This would be infinitely more useful if it could be cooked. Please consider adding it.


We do have a tool for cooking simulations. We will add it in the next update.

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Amazing! Through the years nvidia had all these different and interesting approaches for dynamics, but not collected under one consistent umbrella - really looking forward to what’s to come and hope that ov could be what we’ve been hoping for for a long time. Loving the general concept,and appreciating the convergence between realtime and offline simulation & rendering.
In the meantime I try ways to get the current workflows into my toolbox.