Verify buildx is installed -- not by default on Ubutu 22.04

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Image construction fails on Ubuntu because buildx is required to build the image but is not installed by default.

My Ubuntu 22.01 had docker installed but not buildx. I ran into this while testing remote Ubuntu from my Windows machine

sudo apt install docker-buildx

Captured this in NVidia AI Studio Workbench is a containerized ML playground

Hi Joe,

According to the docs for the remote Ubuntu installation here, AI Workbench is currently supported on Ubuntu 22.04, not 22.01. Do you mind verifying the Ubuntu version?

I am using 22.04 sorry about the typo

You may require a customized container for your project. Please share your project repo details, if possible. And we can help with the customized container build.

I didn’t do any custom container configuration. The stock (whatever I picked) container build failed because buildx wasn’t installed even though docker was and buildx was required by the dockerfile or whatever NVidia uses for a build script control.

I don’t know if I previously installed docker or if I had AI Workbench installed. Not in front of my Linux machine right now so I can’t tell you the docker version.

You can see others call this out for non AI Workbench related work docker: 'buildx' is not a docker command - Ubuntu · Issue #1603 · docker/buildx · GitHub

Repo GitHub - freemansoft/covid-vaccinations-python: Basic python program that loads covid vaccination data sets available on Kaggle and shows national progress

I’ve sent the issue off to Engineering, will keep you posted. Noticed the Github issue is over a year old and seemingly got resolved already.

My best guess is if you installed this older version of docker previously, AIWB detects it is installed and doesn’t think twice, but the preinstalled version of docker may not be working properly. We should have version checking built-in to the installation, but we will revisit. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Can you confirm what version of Docker you are running?

Assuming there have been no system updates since I posted…

Docker version 24.0.5, build 24.0.5-0ubuntu1~22.04.1

I see I’m running the following version on my remote Ubuntu location

Docker version 26.1.4, build 5650f9b

@twhitehouse do we know what the minimum version of supported Docker is and how AI Workbench is enforcing it?

@joe173 I believe you can get this going by running the following cmd,

sudo apt-get install docker-ce docker-ce-cli docker-buildx-plugin docker-compose-plugin

Further docker instructions posted HERE, Install Docker Engine on Ubuntu | Docker Docs
Here are the NVIDIA reccomended Docker container environment for ubuntu 22.04 users. Installing Docker and The Docker Utility Engine for NVIDIA GPUs - NVIDIA Docs

Joe - how did this error surface for you? was it in the build logs, system logs, etc?

Container image builds failed with a message about ‘buildx’ in the container build log.

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