Verify K2 passthrough with Xenserver 6.5 Sp1 on W2K2012R2.


Installed Nvidia drivers for a 2012 r2 server with a K2 card on XS65Sp1.
I can see the card in the device manager and also in GPU-Z tool.
But i cant configure any Nvidia settings and see the card in "screen resolution"
Tried both RDP and ICA. Not yet tried VNC…
Is there any configuration error, shouldnt it work like vgpu ?

Br. Johan

Nope, it doesn’t work like vGPU, and you’re describing expected behaviour.

The only way you can manage the driver settings is at the server console. RDP & ICA both use Terminal Sessions. RDP Admin sessions disable hardware acceleration anyway, so you will never see the Control Panel.

Only way to do it is to use a connection tool that gives you a true Console session so either VNC or TeamViewer.

Have a look at this config checks video which outlines some of the challenges and how to get around them.