Version Compatibility

I have updated my host drivers to 15.0 and my question is if my Windows client still running 13.3 is compatible until I can update my master Windows client image to 15.0?

Hi, the short answer is NO.
We support n-1 which means 14.x host is supported with 13.x guest driver.
Exception is LTSB release to LTSB release. Here we support the direct path to the next LTSB.


OK, thanks. To elaborate further does this mean it’s not officially supported but would temporarily work. I actually have this running on my test cluster with 15.0 host and 13.3 client and both my server and Windows clients are running OK and using licenses from my DLS. The timing for me is tricky to update both at the same time. Is it better to update the client first to 15.0 and then the host? So the client is ahead of the host? Thanks.

Well, this means it was not tested. Might work (as it obviously does in your case) but not supported.