Version error in the CUDA library and cudart.dll file

I am doing CUDA programming in Visual Studio in Windows environment. However, there is an error that the versions of ‘CUDA’ and ‘cudart’ do not match.
When you run the program, it looks for cudart64_75.dll. I used CUDA 7.5 for the first time, but I have reinstalled CUDA 9.0. How do I fix it?
What settings do I need? To link cudart64_75.dll -> cudart64_90.dll.
Help me.
Thank you

You have to have CUDA 9 installed, and your project needs to be set up to use CUDA 9. Your project is still set up using CUDA 7.5.

I’m not able to say everything that might have to be changed to get your project to work with CUDA 9. I would start by creating a new CUDA 9 runtime project in VS, and bring all your source files into that, and build it there.