Vertical downscale ratio 3x greater than 2x

I get this error tegradc 15200000.nvdisplay: Vertical downscale ratio 3x greater than 2x
I though this was fixed for Xavier(was TX2 issue only)?! If not what do I have to do to correct this. I have many different resolutions I need to support and need a bullet proof method to support them. I’m using gstreamer to view content on HDMI display from a frame grabber HDMI input. Thanks.

You may futher tell what code triggers this error.

I supppose your display is much smaller than received frames.
You may use VIC for downscaling.
With gstreamer with JP5, you may use nvvidconv property compute-hw=GPU for downscaling before display sink.
Or downscale in cascade.

Typically we need to scale down the video to match the display device. How would that be done when you need to go beyond 2x scaling? Is there a recipe to do that? Thanks. Note we will always be using gstreamer to process our input video.

It would be better to give your exact case details for better advice.

For example, assuming your screen is 320x240, you would have to provide not higher resolution than 640x480 as input of displaysink.

You can rescale with VIC using nvvidconv :

gst-launch-1.0  <pipeline from your source>... ! nvvidconv ! 'video/x-raw(memory:NVMM),width=320,height=240' ! <your_displaysink>

Thanks, that is exactly what I needed to know.

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