very confused about Openacc toolkit installation on Mac OS X

NVIDIA and PGI seem to have a web of tangentially connected websites and resources that, I think, somewhere had the special instructions for installing OpenACC Toolkit on OS X. However, I cannot seem to find the appropriate page; all the directions seem to be for linux. I have a MacBook pro with and NVIDIA GPU that I have been told is capable of running CUDA/OpenACC code. I signed up for an academic OpenACC Toolkit license over the weekend, and received the welcome email—including some sort of temporary PGI license. I have already downloaded and installed the CUDA toolkit from he NVIDIA website, but I can’t figure out how or where to get the PGI compiler portion of the toolkit. Some help pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated.

We currently have the OpenACC Toolkit, which provides
Unidev licenses. The Unidev licenses are strictly Linux.

We also have a Free-PGI OSX offering currently, but it is limited
to CPU compilers on OS X, and no GPU/OpenACC/CUDA Fortran support.

You have two alternatives, I believe

  1. boot Linux on your MAC, or find another Linux machine.
  2. purchase a Accelerator Workstation PIN for OS X.


Thanks. I seem to recall seeing somewhere at that OS X was supported, but upon further inspection this does not appear to be the case.