Very good Project: Jetson nano on custom tablet.

Very good Project: Jetson nano on custom tablet.


So did this work? I’m not an electical engineer but that seems… unlikely to work. Is there a video of it working in that enclosure? I don’t quite see how it fits based on the photo or if it did how it would work (for very long) without a heat sink and active cooling.

I mean Nintendo tried this and their best shot at it bends under heat (the screen needs to be pressed back in periodically). Speaking of, the Switch makes a pretty good linux tablet too, but getting it there is probably not something I’m suppossed to talk about on this forum.

In heat dissipation, I’ve seen worse and tighter things. It’s just a “homemade” project by someone I thought was viable, the SO-DIMM format of the Jetson Nano encourages quite a bit. It’s still in progress…I’ll follow it closely.

I hope it’s legit. I’d love to have a tablet form factor for the Nano.