Very Low FPS

So i entered my games on my pc the other day, and it was very “glitchy” and slow to respond. I went on call of duty 4 and checked my Frames Per Second and it was at about 10. I usually get around 50.

I have 2 gigs ram 7300le gpu latest drivers and stuff. Please help!

As you can see above your post, you are in the CUDA Computing forums. This is about computing, not gaming, so maybe you should post your question in a more appropriate forum?

Dont be a smart ass. If you can read its about my graphics card, and WHAT DOES NVIDIA DO?

As you are apparently better at calling names than at reading, I will try again. If you go up into the NVIDIA Forums, you will find many forums that are appropriate. CUDA GPU Computing is not one of those, as it is not about Graphics, but about General Purpose Computing, here we talk FLOPS, not FPS.

But as you are apparently unable to follow some advice, I did the hard work for you since it’s Christmas and I am in a good mood. Nzone Games and Other Applications or maybe you are looking for the Hardware section of nZone.