Very low framerate on Tegra devices


I’ve got a serious issue with Tegra devices on my engine: the framerate is extremely low.

For exemple:

  • On Nexus 4, iPad2, HTC Desire HD, … my simulation is smooth and run at 60FPS without problems.
  • On a Wiko Highway 4G (with Tegra 4i inside), the game is running at 14 FPS.

Here is what I’ve tried:

I’m on this problem since some days and I don’t know what is the problem. I’m using PerfHud ES to see where could be the bottleneck, I haven’t found anything but something is strange, the cpu load is moving strangely:

And here is my OpenGL’s call stack:

PerfHud ES screenshots:

I’m using OpenGL ES2 with an Android native activity.

I haven’t any idea about the problem :/.

Thanks for the help!

FPS is not a performance metric please do some accurate profiling and capture the frame time ( clock time ) as well as draw call timing ( CPU ) and any other interesting function that may need to be times instead of using relative comparison metric. FPS just gives a vague indication that something maybe awry but cannot help you pinpoint where the issue may lie.

What’s your ppsspp settings?