Very Slow Compile after installing CUDA 6.5rc

I have only recently started experimenting with CUDA and up to 2 weeks ago had successfully created a number of small CUDA projects. The projects had been built using CUDA6.0/VS2013(referencing the VS2012 express platform toolset). All the projects were compiling without error in a second or two and when complied were running correctly.

Two weeks ago I install CUDA6.5rc and reconfigured one of my previously successful projects to use CUDA6.5rc with the VS2013 platform tool set. Kicking off the compile I initially thought it had hung however after more than four minutes the compile completed without error and the resultant programme runs correctly. I have tried several other projects and they also now experience the long compile time but when complete work correctly.

I have subsequently reset the project configurations back to CUDA6.0/VS2013(referencing the VS2012 express platform toolset) and the long compile time now affects the old configuration.

The system I am using is a multi cpu DELL T5400/SSD/16GB/K4000

Task Manager reports that no processes get above 1% during the compile, indeed the only process to report any activity is devenv.exe*32 which reports 1% cpu.

Does anyone have any idea what is causing the slow compile?

I think I may have found the cause of this problem myself.

The slow compile appears to be linked to a service installed by Trusteer Endpoint Protection, specifically the service is called RapportMgmtService. Disabling RapportService.exe and then stopping the RapportMgmtService returns my compile times to a few seconds. Re-starting RapportMgmtService and my compile times are back up to more than four minutes.

Interestingly there appears to be no impact on none CUDA c/c++ project compile times, therefore I believe the compatibility problem is between one or more of the CUDA compiler components and the Trusteer product.

I have reported the problem to Trusteer.

Can any one advise on the best route to formally report the issue to NVidia?

Thanks in advance.

You can file a bug report through the portal. Sign up as a registered developer first. Once you are a registered developer, there is a link to file bug reports.

Done - thanks for the pointer