Very slow first GL context creation with laptop RTX-3000 and driver

We are seeing a 15 sec delay in creating the very first (and only the first) window on a Lenovo p73 laptop with Quadro RTX-3000 at driver 462.59. Additional data points:

  • The delay happens only on the integrated laptop screen (4k @ 60 Hz)
  • When an external monitor is connected (4k @ 30 Hz), the delay does not happen, regardless of which monitor it starts on.
  • The delay in question does not happen on the previous version of the application that uses only GL 3.3. The most recent application version that uses GL 4.5 is the only one that sees the delay.
  • The issue is not reproducible with integrated graphics

Michael, Thank you for reporting the issue.

  1. Could you share both versions of your application?
  2. Do you have data if this happens with older drivers or other GPUs?


The application in question is Siemens’ CAD package NX, so is difficult to share in this context.
We have had no reports of this issue happening on other GPUs.

The issue also happens on driver version, which was the version it was originally reported on.

Michael, Thank you for the information. We have an internal bug filed and tracking this issue.

We’ve investigated internally but haven’t been able to reproduce this issue. We have received a report that virus scanners could potentially be delaying some display calls, is it possible to test if disabling anti-virus (briefly) affects this issue?

I will relay this to the customer experiencing the issue.
Separately, I also learned of a potentially related issue of delays on initial window creation due to having “video capture” enabled, though I don’t know where this setting is located. I will check again with Christoph Kubish for a refresher.