VGA to HDMI problem

hello all;

i got an error when I try to modify the resolution of the screen in jetson tk1
after restarting the board i got this error when i click on an ok button the
monitor disconnect and give me error message input signal out of range

“Error found when loading /home/ubuntu/.xprofile:
sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified
As a result the session will not be configured correctly.
you should fix the problem as soon as feasible.”

The old style VGA connector lacks the wire physically required for video to query the monitor and ask it what modes it supports. Without that you have to be lucky that defaults match what the monitor can do. Adjustments basically require getting hold of the data that a query would have provided and manually entering those in a config. Without that you will always be at the mercy of defaults (scan rate too high is an example of a default for a newer monitor not compatible with an older monitor or limited performance special use monitor).

The askpass is a separate thing, it sounds like you are doing a remote connection. When you are doing something which uses ssh and a password is required (like for sudo) it expects either the session is interactive on the command line, or else you have specified an “askpass” program to work as a graphical popup. The configuration of setting askpass depends on the program which is requesting this. Often this is ssh or rsync (like rsync over ssh). What command are you running from where? If ssh then you just need to enter the full path to the sshaskpass in environment variable SSH_ASKPASS. You may need to install this on your host where your keyboard is physically connected…there are actually several programs which might already be installed or require install (search your package manager for “askpass”).

Btw, you can set up passwordless ssh keys to simplify life with remote development…I think JetPack does this if you use JetPack for flash. I use Fedora so I manually set up ssh keys.