vGPU 10.4 on ESXi 6.7


I’m trying to install NVidia drivers on Virtual Machines which are running on VMware ESXi 6.7 U3 host, I’ve checked all compatibility matrixes and found that vGPU 10.4 with Driver 443.66 should run perfectly on guest OS Windows Server 2019, although everything was smooth during the vGPU manger installation and adding Shared PCI Devices to VMs, the VM driver installer failed on system check giving the error:
“This NVIDIA graphic driver is not compatible with this version of Windows.”
“This graphic driver could not find compatible graphic hardware.”

I’ve checked compatibility matrix and the versions are correct, and when I check device manager on the VM I only see VMware vSGA under Display Adapters and one 3D controller under Other devices.

Additional Details:
Host: HPE Apollo 6500
GPU: NVidia Tesla v100s
Host OS: ESXi 6.7U3
vCenter Version: 6.7U3j
vGPU Manager: GRID 10.4
Guest VM OS: Windows Server 2019 Std
NVidia Driver: 443.66
CUDA: 10.2

Appreciate any thoughts or input that might help. Thanks…

Are you sure you run the right Windows driver from the vGPU package? You could check the .inf file from the NV driver to make sure the device ID for the V100 profile you have chosen is listed.