vGPU DLS License Cluster - Monitoring User

Hello together,
recently we’ve installed a DLS-Cluster for upgrading our old flex era licenses leasing of our vGPU environment.
Now in the new NLS system there is an Rest API included, where I should be able to implement a external monitoring (Nagios) for the leasing (amout of licenses, how many woul be used or are free ect.), reading the JSON output. Is it possible to create or use another user than the dls_admin for the check? Otherwise, is there an step-by-step user guide that explains the use of auth token shown in the https://dls-vm-ip-address/auth/v1/login page?
I don’t want to use the dls_admin user for a monitoring script. Actually I want to have an user with limited privileges, cutted down to the real necessary requirements.
Do you have such a guide or maybay helpful hints for such an implementation?

kind regards