vGPU license cannot be acquired on windows but can on linux

Hi there,

I have an A10 and I made six A10-4Q vGPU instances on it. I have several VMs running either Linux or Win10.

The Linux VMs are operating as expected and are able to acquire licenses without any problem.

However, I’m experiencing consistent license acquisition failures on the Win10 VMs.

So strange… any thoughts?


Please check the Log.NvDisplay.Container.exe.log file on the VM or send the file for analysis. Might have multiple reasons. Did you make sure that the time is correct on all VMs?

Here’s the beginning of the log file (the rest of the file is just repetition of the same error).
The win10 VM time is the same as the host’s time.


Sun Jul 16 12:56:02 2023:<1>:Valid license settings not found. Please configure settings to use NVIDIA License System (NLS). NVIDIA Legacy License Server is not supported.

Sun Jul 16 13:00:01 2023:<1>:NLS initialized
Sun Jul 16 13:00:05 2023:<1>:Failed to acquire license from (Info: NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation - Error: The allowed time to process response has expired)

Sun Jul 16 15:29:30 2023:<0>:End Logging
Sun Jul 16 15:29:30 2023:<1>:End Logging


I would still assume that there is a time mismatch between the VM and the CLS. Please open a support ticket with NVES to get further support on this.

Best regards

OK, thanks for your reply. May I ask where I can find the CLS’s time? My Linux VMs seem synchronized with my host, and so do my Win VMs.

CLS has the correct time (NTP synced). You need only check your end. Are your Windows VMs synced with NTP source?

OK, thanks! That’s the problem. Cheers!

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