vGPU Utilization Per VM

"I want to know if it is possible to see the vGPU utilization per VM."

You asked, so we have now added :-D

There’s a webinar at 4pm UK/8am PDT today where you can ask questions

Great News! Unfortunate that these changes were not implemented for the GRID version that supports K2 boards.

Maybe next time or is this a message advising me to jump on the Tesla M60 with GRID 2.0 ? :-)

Historically most GPU vendors have sold GPUs as pure hardware and whilst this meant no ongoing software licensing it is a model without support for the software where the functionality of the card is fixed with the physical hardware specification purchased. The Kepler K1/K2 cards were sold under such a model. Recognizing this model does not fit with customer expectations for 24/7 support and enhancements to the software newer cards are developed and sold with a software component that enables and entitles the customer to the development of new software features on their existing hardware. As such the new monitoring functionality has only been developed for newer products developed under a software model such as the M10/M6/M60.

NVIDIA continues to provide the features and functionality that were available when you bought your cards. NVIDIA is committed to long term availability and continual regression testing. The Kepler GRID cards are coming towards their end of availability. NVIDIA is fully committed to supporting and maintaining the functionality that was available on the Kepler generation when customers bought them.

The GRID software platform allows users to manage environments with hosts that have Kepler cards alongside hosts with Maxwell generation cards. Allowing users to expand to use new features on newer generations.

In a virtualized VDI environment the server and hypervisor certification is driven by the hypervisor vendors and server OEMs. Server OEMs prefer to support limited combinations to ensure full test coverage and as such rarely add support for newer GPUs to older servers. Likewise hypervisor vendors rarely add new features to older stable and tested platforms choosing to focus the testing on new releases to ensure quality.

For every variation with so many technologies interacting at some point organisations have to balance the need to add and test new architectures and features and test them fully by expanding the test matrix on newer technologies rather than older versions.

The software licensing of GRID 2.0 and up products is invested in the development of supported and tested software features such as the new monitoring functionality

Similarly newer features like support and development for VMware BLAST Extreme and Linux VDA support have been focused on the software supported cards M60/M10/M6.