vGPU with HP RGS on K1 card

I am trying to get vGPU working with HP RGS. I have a couple of problems. First I only get a single display on the Grid display adapter even though I an using the K160q profile. Secondly when I connect with RGS it tries but fails to run in Nvidia comparitron. The error I get in the RG.log file is

VirtualDisplayHolder::resetVirtualDisplay: create nVidiaComparitron virtual display, remove NULL virtual display
11-05-15 11:26:14 ERROR - WinNvcVirtualDisplay::create: unable to create alias texture
11-05-15 11:26:14 INFO - VirtualDisplayHolder::handleDisplayTransition - failed creating nVidiaComparitron virtual display - try creating next display method in the list!

Does anyone have this setup working?