vGPUs for Consumers

I am a game development professional that is working on a project to teach kids in my local school district about game development. In the process, I have been working through a number of options for bootstrapping this operation to facilitate the hardware requirements. Early on it has become clear that my most cost effective choice would be to visualize the resources on the high-end workstation hardware I already have.

That means taking my Rizen 1800x, 64gb Ram, and GTX 1080 GPU, and re-configuring it to run a Type 1 Hypervisor like KVM to host Client desktops that can then be accessed on small embedded clients like the Raspberry Pi. This is actually doable and feasible, and a sustainable cost effective approach to a very worthwhile application. Unfortunately, the only thing stopping me is that nVidia has chosen to gate-keeper vGPU technology away from consumers, in-spite of selling fully capable hardware to them, so that only Big-Money institutions can provision resources in this fashion.

This is what being a bad actor in the market place looks like. I would like to challenge nVidia to do better. If you are going to exploit your platform control to create artificial markets, you should have already done the work of producing a Consumer option. As these arguments invariably fall on def ears, if anyone in this community has information on how to work-around this unethical technical obfuscation and can point me in the right direction to vGPU operation on GTX graphics cards, thank you in advance. It is a big help.

Raymond Stewart

Agree with Raymond. Please make it available for all