Vi -- Eight-Lane De-Interleaving -- Doubts

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We are using the Jetson Tx2 board.

In TRM, in section, 27.6.3 Eight-Lane De-Interleaving, the details are there:

[b]The sensor must be running in a mode that outputs as 8PPC from CSI – that is to say, a RAW mode, rather than an RGB or YUV mode. (This requirement is imposed to reduce complexity. No sensor is expected to use RGB or YUV modes in 8PPC. Note that embedded data is still supported, as it is an 8PPC mode; but the de-interleaver need not have the functionality of being selectively disabled for embedded data. Current OmniVision sensors send all data through the interleaving process, even if it is not pixel data.)


In above, they mentioned as in RAW mode, 8ppc. Can we use the YUV422-8 format for 8-lane de-interleaving?
Can we use the YUV422-8 (1ppc or 2ppc or 4ppc) (ppc-pixels per clock) format for 8-lane de-interleaving?


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