VI recovery mode is not implemented yet?

Dear all,

As I know VI recovery mode is already implemented on JetsonTX2 with latest kernel version.
But on the Jetson Xavier, it look there is no VI recovery mode.
When I try to play the camera image with “gst-launch”, sometimes it stuck at “green screen” forever except reset the application.
Do we have any plan to update VI recovery for Jetson Xavier?

Thanks and Best Regards,
Vu Nguyen

hello forever3000,

actually, there’s error recovery kernel function for VI5.
please refer to below,


static int vi5_channel_error_recover(struct tegra_channel *chan,
        bool queue_error)

may I know which JetPack release you’re working with?
could you please also share your commands to launch camera for testing?

Dear JerryChang,

Sorry for late reply.
Even though there is already error recovery function for VI5 but sometimes it still could not recover except resetting the application. The first frame was discarded as the picture

Thanks and Best Regards,
Vu Nguyen