VIC in Jetson Nano

I have Jetson nano with DS5.

Im trying to enable scaling-compute-hw for nvinfer and compute-hw for streammux, but while initialisation, I get the message that these elements do not have these properties, but they are there in the documentation.
[ nvinfer,streammux ]

my questions are,
(1) Does Jetson Nano have VIC hardware?
(2) If yes, how do I enable it in my elements?
(3)If I use it in nvinfer and streammux ( as the model input size and the stream size is different), will I get any performance boost ?

also, what are the optimal gst-property setting for these elements (Nvinfer, Streammux and nvv4l2decoder) so that they utilise the hardware to the fullest ?

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  1. Jeson nano has VIC, please refer to $1.3.4.
  2. You can select the HW to VIC (scaling-compute-hw or compute-hw to 2) to enable it.
  3. It depends. The VIC is an extra accelerator for such scaling task thus save the GPU resource for other tasks.

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