Video Cards for Autonomous Shuttle

Hi everyone,

I have an issue about choices of video cards for my project.

I want to process the real time videos from about 8 cameras simultaneously. I am considering a video card for the autonomous shuttle project. However, I am stuck between Quadro series and RTX cards. Instead of processing multiple RTX cards, would you recommend a single Quadro card or an RTX card?

The models I can choose are as follows:

  1. RTX 3070
  2. Quadro RTX 8000
  3. NVIDIA RTX A6000
  4. Quadro RTX 6000

Actually I am not good at video cards. If you’ve experience with NVIDIA video cards on an autonomous vehicle, could you please help me for my choice?
What should I pay attention to when choosing about video cards?

My IPC: Neousys 8208
Camera Type: IP Camera x8

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Hi @nisanur130 ,

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I use Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit. I’m not in the drive developer program


You may refer to DeepStream SDK first to gain some ideas.
There are some use case and performance table as your reference.

For Jetson issue. We recommend you to raise it to the respective platform from the below link


For DeepStream SDK issue, please raise at below forum:


Thank you, I will.