Video decoder for OpenMAX Cameras

Hardware Platform: Jetson AGX
DeepStream Version:5.1
JetPack Version: 4.5

I was trying to decode streams from Digital Watch Cameras DWC-PF5M1TIR model and DWC-PB6M4T, using nvv4l2decoder. The nvv4l2decoder was not able to decode the stream. However, omxh264dec was able to decode it. I understand nvv4l2decoder is meant for v4l2 cameras and omxh264dec is meant for OpenMAX cameras, but omxh264dec worked like charm for both of the camera types.

is there a gst-plugin from Nvidia that leverages GPU to decode OpenMAX cameras, and a workaround where I don’t have to worry about the camera type?

We have deprecated omxplugins and all implementations in DeepStream SDK is based on v4l2 plugins such as nvv4l2decoder, nvv4l2h264enc, nvv4l2h265enc. So possible solution is to investigate why the IP camera does not work with nvv4l2decoder.

Please share more information about the IP camera. Does it output h264 or h265 stream? If it supports generating both h264 and h265 streams and you are running in h264, are yo able to try h265? And doe it work with software decoder avdec_h264 or avdec_h265?

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