Video Driver Update vs what is already in the latest Linux release

The dev documentation for the Orin NX talks about about building the display drivers via an update. Do I need to add that to my linux or is there a nvidia video driver already in the linux 35.3.1 release that will support my HDMI interface on my Orin NX platform?

The additional nvidia display driver is needed for the Orin NX.

Download the kernel source for your specific L4T release. This is the list, and you’d go to the R35.3.1 release:

There is a source package, and the kernel source is within that package. Unpacking the kernel source will reveal the kernel itself, and some out of tree content (when building features, source can be requested via the file path “../”, which is just the parent directory; enough “../” and you are in the external source).

Make all of your configurations and edits to that source and you should be good to go.

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