Video dropping frame issue

Hello Everyone,

We used Sony ITN ISP in our camera before and it worked correctly. Because Sony ITN ISP will be phased out, we will change the ISP from Sony ITN to 5700 in camera. Unfortunately, this change happened video dropping frame issue. Please refer to my attached video file. After video analysis, we observed that the first frame was correct and next three frames were all green color frame(null frame) during every four frames regularly. Can you kindly help to give us some hints about this issue ?
video_dropping_frame_issue.7z (3.52 MB)

Hi James,
The fact that ITN works fine but not 5700, that tells me you should probably examine setting for this sensor. Is there standalone test code from Sony you could use to test the hardware and ensure programming sequence is correct and perform a basic capture?

Hi Chi-Jen,

Thanks for your fast reply. Actually, we used this camera path liked as Sony IMX290 CMOS sensor + Sony 5700 ISP + MAX9275 --> MAX9276 + IP CAM SoC to capture picture and record video and it work correctly. This test result was same when the ISP was Sony ITN. Then, we replaced MAX9276 and IP CAM SoC by MAX9288 + TX1. In this test environment, it was workable with Sony ITN but not 5700. However, we did not get any error messages from TX1 by using Sony 5700.
By according previous test results, we started to compare the differences between Sony ITN and 5700. Furthermore, we have measured and tuned the V/H Sync and DE timing and waveforms of video output signals between Sony ITN and 5700 with Sony Taiwan FAEs. And they were same besides the blanking video package signal before DE and H sync now. But, Sony 5700 don’t also work fine. In order to solve this problem, can you kindly tell us whether we can tune or set any parameters in TX1 to debug and optimize it ? If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Does the Sony ISP or MAX9275 connect to the TX1 CSI? Do you get this video by gstreamer?

Hi Shane,

Actually, we discussed this issue with the FAE of NV TX1 distributor as EDOM in Taiwan. She said that they have connected ths Sony IMX240 CMOS sensor + Sony 5700 ISP to TX1 CSI directly before. And it worked fine. Because the MAX9275 was one serializer and it only had parallel video received interface, we always used MAX9288 as deserializer to output MIPI video signal to TX1 CSI.
Yes, we get the video by gstreamer. And the live view in TX1 also had this problem. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

  1. Could you have detail block diagram to show how the HW connect?
  2. Does the MAX9288 gen color partner to verify the TX1 can receive the frame correctly.
  1. Please refer to my attached detail block diagram.
  2. Before testing Sony 5700 ISP every time, we always verified that the TX1 can receive correct frames and live view performance by using Sony ITN + MAX9275 --> MAX9288 + TX1. Then, we would replace the Sony ITN by Sony IMX290 CMOS sensor + 5700 ISP and used the same MAX9275, MAX9288 and TX1 to test. So, we thought MAX9288 should be ok. But, we did not measure the MIPI video output signal from MAX9288 when we replaced Sony ITN by Sony IMX290 CMOS sensor + 5700 ISP. And, we will try to measure it at the same time.
    Next_ICV_camera_hardware_block_diagram_update2.pdf (55.3 KB)

Hi James
For your experiment I strongly believe there is no problem on TX1 side. My suggestion is if the Serializer
MAX9275 can send the color partner to DeSerializer MAX9288 to double confirm the problem is on the external board.

Hi Shane,

OK. We will try to test it by according your suggestion firstly. Thank you very much.

Hi James,

Have you clarified and resolved this issue?
Any further suggestion required?


Hi Kay,

Thanks for your inquiry. We are measuring, tuning and confriming whether there is problem from MAX9275 to MAX9288 paths. If we have any new informations, I will update it to you asap.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your full support. We have solved this issue.