Video Encoder qpMap feature for low bitrate applications

I see that Jetson V4L2 interface only supports 8 ROI per frame. For my application, I need QPmap per MB similar to Video Codec SDK. There we set NV_ENC_RC_PARAMS::qpMapMode to NV_ENC_QP_MAP_DELTA when initializing the rate control, then pass Qp delta map when we pass video frame to encoder within NV_ENC_PIC_PARAMS struct, where NV_ENC_PIC_PARAMS::qpDeltaMap is an array, which has signed 8 bits per MB for qp delta map for that block.

How can I have access qpMap in Jetson Nano or AGX?

The interface and capability are different between desktop GPUs and Jetson platforms. If you would like to port the application to Jetson platforms, would need to do adaptation. Please refer to populate_roi_Param() in 01_video_encode.

Please also check document:
Jetson Linux API Reference: 01_video_encode (video encode)


Will populate_roi_Param() have a limitation of 8 regions?
We will need # of ROIs is same as # of macroblock (16x16) of a frame.


Yes, it is the limitation as described in
Jetson Linux API Reference: V4L2 Video Encoder