Video Input interface 420SP


I have following queries on NVIDIA tegrax1 Video Input interface, please help me out!!

  1. I want to capture the incoming video over CSI interface on NVIDIA Tegra x1 in 420SP format, using VI (VIDEO INPUT) module without using ISP or VIC (VIDEO IMAGE COMPOSITOR).
    Is it possible? The Input to VI module is YUV422IL (UYVY).

  2. If #1 is not possible, can we use ISP module to do this? What are the setting required in VI to realize this? Where are the ISP configuration registers present?

I am referring to TECHNICAL REFERENCE MANUAL - NVIDIA Tegra X1 Mobile Processor v1.0p.

CSI only support the format from below table.

Thanks Shane for the response.

From the table I assume that using VI (video input) module we can dump the incoming video is either in 420 8-bit legacy or 420SP 8-bit CPCS (only Y component). Is there a way to get Chroma data in this case?

Also, how to use ISP to get 420SP (NV12) output? Where are the ISP configuration registers present?

The ISP config are not public. You can convert it by using nvvideocon(VIC)