Video leaking though black areas of screen, and other weirdness.

I’m running on ubuntu 12.10 using the nvidia-experimental-310 driver, and just put a new GT 430 in to replace my old 8600GT, and since then I’ve been getting some weird video issues. If I open youtube in a broswer window, and either scroll it off the top edge of the window, or put another window in front, the video leaks through black areas of the window in front.

Also, I run a PCB cad suite called Diptrace in wine, and since the upgrade if I have the video output mode set to either opengl or directx, the viewport shows leftover chunks of random old images still in video memory (from web pages I browsed 10 minutes ago, etc.) instead of showing the schematic or board that I’m working on. I get the same thing on my computer at work, which has a GT 220. I could never figure out why my home computer worked, and the work one didn’t, running exactly the same software, but it appears that it’s related to the video card. Perhaps part of the binary blob that deals with these cards has a bug that wasn’t present in whatever runs the 8600GT.

I worked around the leaking overlay by turning off VDPAU Overlay on flash.

The other problem still exists.