Video playback HW acceleration with Chromium

Hi all,

We expect working soon with the nexw Tegra X1 (amazing) board.

We’re developing custom AVOD system for embedded boxes.

The main application is developped with Qt5.7 framework, everything’s fine.

The second, thirdparty, application is actually an HTML5/JS application with a bunsh graphical layers, alpha blending etc.
This application will be wrapped using Qt QWebEngine framework and the underlying Chromium.
This HTML5 application also manages the video player:

<video id="player" class="playerScreen show" preload="auto" style="position: absolute; top: 0px; left: 0px; width: 1280px; height: 720px; display: block;" src=""></video>)

Qt tech support confirmed us that Chromium manages the HW accel as it uses FFMPEG for playback.

I read the “Tegra X1/Tegra Linux Driver Package Multimedia User Guide” document, and it seems that the NVidia HW accel is managed with gstreamer and specific OMX plugins.
Is it right ?

Therefore, I was wondering if our HTML5 application will also benefit of NVidia hw accel with the FFMPEG playback ?

Thanks for your feedback.


Hi K,
FFMPEG has been integrated with cuvid hardware-decoding, but cuvid decoding is only used on descrete GPU, and cannot be used on Tegra X1.

So the HTML5 application will not gain benefit of NVIDIA hw acel on Tegra X1.

Hi DaneLLL,

Thanks for your feedback.
Does it mean that a Chromium based application will not gain benefit of “ANY” HW Accel on TX1 ?
I mean:

  • OpenGL HW Accel for rendering the gfx layer
  • HW h264/h265 decoding ?

Nothing at all ?


Hi Karim,
We have confimed that hardware acceleration will not be available ‘only’ for video decode. Other browser features like WebGL, Browser compositing, etc will still be hardware accelerated on TX1.

So ‘OpenGL HW Accel for rendering the gfx layer’ is hardware accelerated.

Hi DanLLL,

OK, understood.

I realized that Samsung has written an opensource GStreamer Backend for Chromium.
If we do integrate this backend in the Chromium layer of Qt, using gstreamer and nvidia dedicated plugins, would the HW video decoding normally work ?

Have you already experienced this use case ?


Hi Karkin,
We don’t have experience about the use case, but ideally, it should work fine as we support gstreamer frameworks.