Video Playback issues

I am not a developer but an Nvidia Tech support agent suggested that I should come here to see if I might be having configuration issues or if there is a bug in the Nvidia 64bit Linux driver v375.39.
I recently installed Linux Mint v18.1 64bit with the KDE desktop and have noticed when playing a video from my HD encoded with the h.264 codec or streaming videos from Netflix, Starz or HBO Now using the Google Chrome Web Browser that the display is exactly divided in half horizontally. When there is any side to side movement in the video there is a noticeable offset between the 50% of the video that is displayed on the top half of the display and the lower 50%. I think it is similar to screen tearing that sometimes occurs in certain games with some hardware configurations, mainly running more than one GPU in SLI. I personally have never experienced screen tearing so I do not know exactly what it looks like. The only way I can describe it is like you took a snapshot taken with a camera and then cut the picture in half horizontally and then taped them together with a slight offset between the top half and the bottom half. This issue does not occur when watching videos on YouTube or on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.
Do you think there is a bug in the Linux driver that may be affecting the hardware encoding for h.264 or perhaps a change in the X Server configuration file that would correct this.
Thanks for your time,