Video screen capture - video record


Trying to record my screen capture when using the DetectNet camera output api

I just am looking for a simple program to record the hdmi output on my monitor.

Also looking to record the video capture of the Visionworks SFM sample - however i am wondering if there is something I can do with the code to convert it to a video file rather then an output video



Hi Steve,

You can try the example located at /usr/share/ with “–nvxio_render video” command.
It will use video as output.

$ /usr/share/visionworks/sources/ ~/
$ cd ~/VisionWorks-<visworks_ver>-Samples/
$ make -j4
./bin/aarch64/linux/release/nvx_demo_feature_tracker --nvxio_render video

By the way, use --source=“device:///nvcamera?index=0”, it will take camera frame as input.

./bin/aarch64/linux/release/nvx_demo_feature_tracker --source="device:///nvcamera?index=0" --nvxio_render video