Video (Screencapture) of running Smoke Particles on Mac OS X zipped Quicktime Movie, h.264

Video (Screencaptured) of Smoke Particles / NVidia 9600 GT / Mac OS X 10.5
Happy looking :thumbup:

I guess everybody hanging around these forums has the SDK installed and is able to run the samples.

Why make and post a video of that?

Well I know what you mean, but given the hassle some of us initially had getting the thing working (especially with older SDKs), the sense of triumph sometimes just has to be shared. I remember feeling like this when I had finally hacked a PC 260 and then a 285 to work under CUDA on my Mac Pro, a long time before there was an official Mac version. Over on forums.macrumors the overclocked PC GTX295 successes are being noted with double nbody shots showing nearly a teraflop.