Video Structuring with DeepStream for Chinese users

Since our team has successfully apply deepstream sdk(3.0) to our actual project and it works fine, I have post some Chinese blogs which contains some experiences when using deepstream. You can take a look if you know Chinese:

Our project:
(1) 24 1080P videos real-time object detection inference with Yolo V3 model;
(2) Receive video stream data from common sources such as HK/DaHua cameras/video management platforms;
(3) Core module is decoupled from other modules, it receive RTP data and outputs object count/speed/trace and trasfer them to servers(local or cloud);
(4) It also encodes 24 rtmp stream to nginx server, which includes object rectangles/trace/types/ids. you can play it with a rtmp player. (we wait for GPU acclerated encoding plugin in DS 4.0)

Please leave comments if you need help in my blogs, Thanks!

Good Jobs!

Good job!

Did you use this repo( for yolo v3?

Actually the right full link is

You can create engine file using trt-yolo-app, and then use the engine file like test1/test2 demo in Release Package. Note you must use nvinfer plugin, NOT nvyolo.