Video0 is not generated on agx orin platform

Could you please help me check why video0 device is not generated?
dmesg.log (74.1 KB)
extracted_proc.dts (442.1 KB)

Monitor “dmesg --follow”. This will show logs as they change. Then unplug and replug the USB video device. What log lines show up upon plugin (ignore unplug, just show plugin logs)?

I am not a USB video device, I have a CSI adapter board plugged into orin and use a single imx185 MIPI protocol for data transfer. More unique is that I also use the PCA9544 expansion chip, the current debugging phase is only to access a single module, later will use four.

Files in “/dev”, including “/dev/video*”, are not real files. Those files are generated by drivers pretending to be files, and the content really exists in RAM. It is the standard USB Video driver which produces files of the name “/dev/video*”. CSI cannot do this, it uses a different driver.

Someone else may be able to comment on what device special file is produced by a CSI camera; then perhaps your program can be pointed at that file instead.

I may not be able to further help, but it seems that the relevant error in your kernel boot messages is:

[    4.755582] tegra-camrtc-capture-vi tegra-capture-vi: tegra_channel_csi_init:Fail to parse port info

You may check your device tree and jetson-io. If your sensor is controlled by I2C, can you probe it ?

With these pieces of information, someone more experienced with this may better help.

Thanks for your help. I successfully solved the problem by sticking to the error information you proposed.

FYI, just found out that CSI can create nodes of that name via V4L. I guess they have a common API. CSI though, unlike USB, is not plug-n-play, so device tree would be needed instead. @Honey_Patouceul is the resident expert on those topics!

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