Video1 is missing

I’m working with jetson nano B01 and have installed both CSI cameras to port and installed the appropriate camera drivers but only one camera video0 is showing. If anyone knows then please let me know, what should I do?

hello aashutoshprashant,

may I know which Jetpack release you’re using, had you also execute Jetson-IO to configure the CSI connector?

I have two cameras, namely Aducam imx477 and Aducam TOF camera, along with Jetpack 4.6. L4T 32.6.1

hello aashutoshprashant,

there’s device tree overlay, tegra210-camera-rbpcv3-dual-imx477.dtsi to enable dual IMX477.
however, please also check with your sensor vendor to confirm that’s compatible with Raspberry pi v3, imx477.

When I remove any of these cameras, the other ones (IMX477 or TOF) work alone but are not visible when both are connected.

-bash: tegra210-camera-rbpcv3-dual-imx477.dtsi: command not found

hello aashutoshprashant,

what’s the failure reported? you may check $ dmesg > klogs.txt for investigation.
please also refer to developer gudie, Configuring the CSI Connector for using the Jetson-IO too.

It seems that I am encountering an error while attempting to install the SDK manager for Jetson Nano B01. Is it necessary to install this manager, and are there any dependent SDK managers that I should also install? Additionally, I am unsure of how to configure the CSI ports using the command “sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/” when I have two different cameras. When attempting to use this command, the video0 is not visible, and have to reinstall the camera driver in order to make the video0 visible on CSI2 every time.

please see-also SDK Manager | NVIDIA Developer, you should install sdk-manager on your ubuntu host machine.
actually, you may also contact with your sensor vendor, Aducam to confirm the workable Jetpack release version.

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