Video1 not showing up on jetson jupyter/lab

I’m new to the b01 board, everything works fine except, how do i get video1 to show up? They’re both connected and they both worked on another ubuntu image however, for the life of me i can’t seem to figure out why video1 is not showing up in the dev folder, also, the tutorials are out of date so i don’t really know how to begin :/

I’ve got the wifi card functioning, connected, jupyter works, I’m using the jetcard flashed to sd image.

Any help with getting stereo CSI working on a notebook would be greatful!
Do i need a driver?

Check the kernel message if any sensor probe message?

Hi @Asmodev, since you had it working on a more recent SD card image (presumably the standard JetPack 4.4 or 4.4.1 image), I would switch back to using that standard JetPack image:

Then to get JupyterLab, I recommend using the l4t-ml container which already has JupyterLab installed. And to access two CSI cameras inside the container, include the following flags in your docker run command:

--volume /tmp/argus_socket:/tmp/argus_socket \
--device /dev/video0 \
--device /dev/video1

If you are following the Jetson AI Fundamentals course as alluded to in another one of your posts, those containers for ‘Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano’ and JetBot already include JupyterLab as well. The containers are downloaded on top of the standard JetPack image.

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The problem is video0 shows up fine, where as video1 is not displayed in the jetcard image, i’m assuming it’s a driver issue where as the jetcard image can only handle 1 csi camera?

I think the pre-build JetCard image is based on older JetPack from before Nano had two CSI ports.

So you could re-build JetCard image against the latest JetPack, but I would just use the containers which already have JupyterLab installed. With the increased availability of containers on Jetson, it isn’t so necessary to have the all-in-one custom images anymore.