VideoCapture settings in OpenCV on Jetson TK1

Does anyone know why all the property settings for VideoCapture in OpenCV on Jetson do not work? For example, CV_CAP_PROP_FRAME_WIDTH, CV_CAP_PROP_FRAME_HEIGHT or CV_CAP_PROP_FPS. It always gives HIGHGUI ERROR.

Getting or setting properties in OpenCV’s VideoCapture has been problematic & unreliable even on desktop for atleast the 12 years that I’ve been using OpenCV, partly because it depends on the multimedia drivers available on your machine as well as the multimedia development packages used to create OpenCV / OpenCV4Tegra, so unfortunately I’m not surprised it doesn’t work at all in OpenCV4Tegra. If you really need the info, you could use a multimedia API to load the video or camera directly, such as FFMPEG, MPlayer, Gstreamer or v4l / v4l2.

Yep, I’ve found similar issues in OpenCV4Tegra. If you don’t mind giving up the CPU-optimization, building OpenCV-3.0.0-beta (the latest) from source fixed this for me.

Is it possible to use gstreamer in a c++ main file?

everytime I use opencv to set h264, there will be an v4l error…
and it’s seems that I can’t get 1080p resolution from c920 if I don’t use h264?

Thanks if anyone help ><

Yes, you can use any C-API from a C++ main file.

Please post the error you get and if possible, a link to your code showing how you are using it.

I’m not familiar with c920 but USB 2.0 can’t transfer 1080p30 raw YUV, for that you need a USB 3.0 camera.