View 2022.1.2 Released

I am pleased to announce that View 2022.1.2 is finally released. Some of the key features in this release are as follows:


We have a measure tool which creates dimensions between two selected entities. Has controllable units (meters, inches, etc.)


  • Color may be changed
  • Text is always flat to the screen for readability
  • Recomputes when the referenced meshes move – uses ActionGraph behind the scenes to accomplish this
  • Distance only right now – shortest or center/center or min or max values
  • Snap the dimension measure to X, Y or Z axes as desired


We added a tool to put comments / scribbles / etc. on an orientation of the model.

  • Fully editable
  • Built on top of Waypoints
  • Manager for markups
  • Text
  • Arrows
  • Boxes / Circles
  • Scribble line
  • The comments are on a 2D layer on top of the current 3D model

Waypoints 2.0

We added support to make these first class citizens.


  • Editable which allows a user to update it based on new objects in the scene or lighting conditions
  • Renaming to something other than Waypoint_0, Waypoint_1, etc.
  • Reorder waypoints to better define the order you may want to walk through these in a design review
  • Playlists now allow for drag&drop of Waypoints to create a custom slide show or dynamic camera play


Easily navigate huge worlds with a single leap.


  • General tool for Create or View
  • Jump locations
  • Twist your orientation, if desired
  • Camera becomes set at the height of your head (Approximately 6ft off the floor you landed on)

In Create, you can use Teleport by holding down the Y key and pick your target by moving the mouse to the location you want. When you let go, you’ll jump to that location.


Select any object and turn it around on a turntable.

  • Exploratory tool
  • Moves the object, not the camera


The Sky Browser is now the Environment Browser supporting more than just open skies.

  • Ground planes are now supported
  • Shadow planes can be turned on when just using an HDRI
  • Default environment does not need to be a sky but could easily be a room or other studio scene.