View - Custom Variations

I have been wondering if there is a way create variation presets that allow someone in View, to easily toggle between different variations on things such as materials and toggle between an objects visibility much like a variant manager inside of Unreal Engine. I noticed that there is something like what I am looking for on the home page of the Omniverse View app where there is a car having different materials applied to it through a simple viewport ui ( Omniverse View App: Visualization application for reviewing 3D design projects in stunning, physically-accurate photorealism. | NVIDIA).
Was this a custom built solution or is there an extension that I must enable somewhere? If I could be directed to some resources that could help get something similar to what is showcased there I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!

Hello @r.theia! Let me reach out to the View team and get more information for you on this!

You also might be interested in this past livestream: NVIDIA Community Stream | Getting Started: Python Scripting Components - YouTube and this tutorial Warehouse Project Previz Workflow - Part 3: Pallet Configuration Variants - YouTube

Hello @r.theia! View currently does not have this functionality. So I sent your post over to the team as a Feature Request!

A Feature Request Ticket has been generated from this post. OM-73236: View - Custom Variations

Hi Wendy,
Thanks for getting back with those resources. I checked out the videos and got some good info out of them however, I have a couple of questions.
Is here was a way to set up the variations only within Create, as I don’t see an option to make one through any of the windows or context menus when right clicking on objects in the hierarchy?
Was what is shown in the Porsche Demo on the View homepage a custom solution that works inside of Viewer? Lastly, if I were to explore a creating custom components to create the desired functionality, is there a way to add in that custom component into View since there is no option to add extensions like there is in create?