View is failing to launch on a linux

I just installed the latest AppImage on my linux machine. I have a 3060 Card and the proprietary drivers. I use plenty of other nVidia tech on this machine, so I know the card/drivers are setup well.

Trying ton install Omniverse here ( I use it on other machiens) and I primarily need View. When I updated the launcher, and installed View, I receive no errors.

When I attempt to launch USD View from the Launcher it just hangs until the spinning goes away, and the ‘Launch’ comes back.

If I attempt to directly launch View from the command line I get the following error

[Error] [] Failed to load core plugin at: /home/loki/.local/share/ov/pkg/deps/51302263f5b89a4c77847c8d4498d701/kernel/plugins/
[Error] [carb] [Plugin: omni.ext.plugin] Dependency: [carb::scripting::IScripting v1.0] failed to be resolved.

Are there some pre-reqs I may not have installed? Is there a way to dig in deeper on this issue and see what the root cause is?

@nathan.huntoon not sure if you were able to get this issue addressed. if not, can you upload the OV Launcher log? You can locate it here ~/.nvidia-omniverse/logs/launcher.log

If you can get the launcher logs we can take a look