View not starting

Hi, I’m having an issue opening the View (2022.3.3) app on my laptop. When I load up View from the omniverse launcher, it only shows the splash screen and is stuck on a not responding white screen. Create loads and works fine, but View won’t work. I use a 3050 Laptop and Ryzen 6600H. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Thank you for your post. We have a very very small number of people also experiencing the same thing. Around a 2 min startup for no obvious reason. It WILL start if you leave it long enough. Mostly around 2-3 mins.

We are working on a possible theory that will fix this for the next release. I know this sounds strange, but could you try again with a vpn enabled. Any vpn is fine. Also can you confirm that the previous 2022.2.1 is still loading ok.

I will reply back when I finish downloading 2022.2.1, and I am using Cloudflare WARP.

Ok thanks. I would also say that a laptop version of a 3050 gpu is slightly below our recommended minimum specs of at least a 3060, so just don’t expect it to be super responsive once you are in it.

I can confirm that 2022.2.1 loads into the menu, but it’s really slow loading for any button I click on (probably because of my bad GPU)

and does 2022.2.1 load fairly quickly as normal … say in 15 seconds ?

Yes, and I got the viewport running after 30 seconds.

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I have some good news. We are pretty sure we have identied the issue and I would like you to test a very simple fix to see it is helps.

  1. watch the video for an overview (below)
  2. open “” in notepad
  3. Add “–/exts/omni.kit.splash/enabled=0” to the end of the command line

It should look like this when done:
echo off
call “%~dp0kit\kit.exe” “%%~dp0apps/” %* –/exts/omni.kit.splash/enabled=0

So try that and it should work immediately.
The good news is that we are close to our next release and the fix should be in for that automatically.

Thanks for your help! It works completely fine now!

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Great !