View Shift - Black Screen

When we turn or move our head, the view doesn’t move fast enough,
it shows a black screen in that area, then loads after 0.5 or 1 second.
Same problem on Local network as well as Cloud (AWS)
We are using OCULUS Quest 2 as client.

This image may explain the problem more clearly

This generally only really happens in bad network conditions with a tight FOV and extreme prediction timing. If frames are coming consitently, we have good prediction, and decent FOV, generally timewarp on device will catch us up to edges but not reach into the ‘black’ area.

So, how do we optimize this ?
Do we need to make any changes on Hardware ? Software ? Network ? App Design ?

Probably best to start a conversation with your primary field engineering contact (which may eventually come back to core engineering), as these things always turn out to be specific to something about the overall combination. Trying to give a generic answer without specific details about all the above topics just isn’t going to help any.

Thanks for your prompt answer, we were hoping to be something that you guys could help with, but given that we are in pre-production phase, we will have to discard this option for now and look at optimizing once the show is finished.