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Are we expecting an updated version of View. My instalation is 2021.3.1 while the release notes are reffering to 2021.3.2.

Hello @Bot3d. I’m getting confirmation on the latest public release of View. (The latest version I have installed is 2021.3.2)

@Bot3d! Yes. The latest public version of View is 2021.3.2

I cannot download them through launcher. They are showin up to date.
Also the Launcher is version 1.1.4 while there is a version 1.2.8.
How all these can be download normally???

@Bot3d I will grab a developer from the team to look into this. Have you tried using the Omniverse Cleanup-Tool? Cleanup-Tool — Omniverse Launcher documentation

View 2021.3.2 is available on the launcher

If you need to update the Launcher version, you can click on the ‘Bell’ icon in the upper right corner and see if there is a launcher update available.

What is the question now that View 2021.3.2 is available?

Hello @Bot3d

From your screen shots it does not look like you have a launcher update pending. Please check the “Bell” icon to see if there is a pending update.

If no pending update is available. Then i am not sure of the issue, but since the version of Launcher you have is quite old, I would like to suggest the following:

  1. Download the cleanup tool and execute it (Cleanup-Tool — Omniverse Launcher documentation)
  2. Get the latest Launcher from NVIDIA site (Omniverse Platform for Virtual Collaboration | NVIDIA) and execute this application
    – This will be the latest version and will have hooks within it to get proper updates as they arrive
    – From this new Launcher you should be able to install the latest versions of Cache/Nucleus/View

Please post your results so i can provide addition help if still a problem getting Launcher and View with the proper version.

Yes problem is solved. Two days ago the launcher showed a message for updating its self so everything else was updated also. For one week the launcher was not updating for uknown reason and the link from Nvidia lead to the previous version.

Everything is OK now.