Viewing Display of deepstream-test apps on a Monitor on T4 Server

Dear Experts,

Premise: We have embarked on Video Analytics project and have access to a Dell Server (rack) with one T4 and Intel Xeon CPU cards. I could see the output of sample apps on my 2080Ti RTX workstation on the monitor. I tried to replicate the same, using docker containers as well installing DS4.0.2 by source, on the server. The server has a VGA port only. We have connected a monitor via it, and are able to login remotely (via Teamviewer).

Problem: I would like to see the output of the execution of the test apps or deepstream-app output on a display monitor. I observe libEGL warning.

Information: We have OS -> Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, NVIDIA -> 4.18+, CUDA -> 10.1, DS -> 4.0.2 container, TensorRT -> 6 (update2, installed locally). xhost + was executed as instructed.

I have studied many posts in the forum and have tried the solutions. For example, changing eglsink -> fakesink. This shows that the app run is successful. I am sure writing out the file will also work. Although, I didn’t try it. But, I would like to see visual output on a monitor of the default apps. I am attaching a few screenshots below. These correspond to (a) Successful run of app using fakesink, (b) failed run (some 7 frames, libEGL warning), and © display driver in settings shown as llvmpipe (even after installing NVIDIA drivers and rebooting).

Your valuable is sought for this problem.

I personally think that it lies in configuring monitor for display and some driver settings. But, I am a novice.


Deepstream requires nvidia GPU for output to display, T4 is compute card, but you can follow this to setup virtual display,
5A, you also can use sink type 4 RTSPStreaming for visulization on host by vlc.

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Thanks amycao. It worked. RTSP works.