Viewing NVENC h264 output live

Hi there,

I’m using the NVENC library in a simple custom app, and it works very well. I can easily generate an h264 stream, and use a socket to send it anywhere I want. I’ve verified that it’s valid, and I can save the stream and covert it to another format.

Here’s the problem: What my client really wants (which I assume is the most common use for NVENC) is to be able to view the output live. Open a browser (or even a custom app) and watch the video as it’s generated. I’ve searched, and so far not found any way to do this, short of developing a brand new special-case video-streaming client.

What do other people use to view the output of the NVENC lib? (I’m encoding using the CNvEncoderH264 sample, which is spiffy and easy.)

Thanks very much.

Hi there,
Just checking in on this. If viewing NVENC output is part of the QA process, I’d love to know how it’s normally done.