Viewing/opening .qdrep files

I am new to NSight Systems and I wanted to ask a question about viewing my collected profiling statistics in a .qdrep file.

I am using NSight Systems version 2020.3.2 to profile my application on a remote server (i.e., I ssh into a remote linux server and use the NSight Systems on the server to profile a python program I am running on the server). My profiling generated a .qdrep file on that server. It is not clear to me how I can open this file and see the bottlenecks of my application. Can I open it directly on the remote server? If yes, what is the command line for doing that?
Or do I have to download this file to my local laptop and view it somehow. My local laptop does not have GPUs, so is it possible to view this file? What do I need to install on my local laptop to view it?