Virtual Channel Support on Xavier (Solved)

The embedded devopment documents at when referring to CSI lanes states that " Each lane can support up to 16 virtual channels (VC) and supports data type interleaving". However, posts on this forum as well as information from D3Engineering about their DesignCore® NVIDIA® Jetson SerDes Sensor Interface Card states that virtual channels are not supported. Are Virtual Channel’s supported and if not will they be definitively be supported in the next month? The application we are looking into using a Xavier for requires the use of this technology.

Let us check and update to you later.

Software support for virtual channels is not available for Tx2. Virtual channel support will be present in Xavier. Nvidia can confirm in what release (it may already be supported).

R31.0.1 still not include the virtual channel yet. We are working for next release.

Does R31.1 which release at 2018/11/08 support the virtual channel?

No, will support by r32.x

Do you have the release schedule for r32.x?
We want to use the DeSerial UB964 in our Xavier circuit design if the virtual channel can support, so I expect to know the approximate schedule.