Virtual channels for ISL79987 MIPI-CSI 2 bridge driver using 4 Analog cameras

Hello all,

As mentionned in my previous post we’re working on a bridge MIPI-CSI 2 driver for an ISL79987 video decoder for Jetson AGX Orin.

We need to use 4 analog camera connected to the ISL79987 chip, we want to use 4 virtual channels to be able to capture through 4 v4l2 subdev

  • /dev/video0
  • /dev/video1
  • /dev/video2
  • /dev/video3

How to use vc-id (Virtual channel id) property with this kind of MIPI-CSI 2 bridge driver ?
Documentation only explain how to use virtual channels for GMSL2 protocol


Suppose you can reference to imx390 GMSL2 device tree to set the vc-id for each device.

Hey @ShaneCCC ,
We don’t have GMSL. Is it possible to use virtual channel without GMSL ?

Yes, any of SER/DES or bridge are support but need driver implement by yourself the GMSL one only a reference for that.


OK thanks for information !
one additional question, do Jetson Orin support de interleave ?
or do we need to do it in user space ?

Suppose need to implement by software.

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